labyrinth_logoThe Labyrinth at Saint Peter Lutheran Church

The labyrinth is an ancient divine imprint found in all religious traditions in various forms around the world. It is known to have originated over 4000 years ago.  During the Middle Ages there was a renewed interest in labyrinths and the eleven-circuit design divided into four quadrants was created in many cathedrals.  In recent years the labyrinth is once again becoming rediscovered as an important spiritual tool to move closer to God through prayer and meditation.

The labyrinth is a one path design-there are no tricks or decisions to make-much as the surrender to walking a sacred spiritual path in life-our only decision is to choose Spirit and to surrender to divine guidance.  The labyrinth is non-denominational.  People of all faiths and people longing to reconnect to faith come to walk labyrinths.  There is no right way to walk a labyrinth.  You only have to enter and follow the path.  However your walk can encompass a variety of attitudes.  It may be joyous, somber, thoughtful or prayerful.  You may use it as a walking meditation. You will choose your attitude.  Most of all, pay attention to your experience.

The labyrinth at Saint Peter is an original seven-circuit design in the form of a cross.  It has only one entrance as it takes you on a journey that weaves around the center cross and then out again the same way you entered.  You may take as long as you like to make this journey. We extend an invitation to people of all faiths, especially those in transition or struggling to find a means of prayer or meditation.

The Labyrinth at Saint Peter is open to the community year round.  If you would like to do a special walk with a group, please contact the church office at 910.457.5604 to make arrangements with our Parish Nurse.

There are brochures available at the labyrinth to assist you in your walk.

Welcome to all!