Worship Service REGISTRATION

80 members will be welcome to attend service. 
Pre-registration will be required for all attendees.

Doors will open 10 minutes prior to starting of  Service.

We will generally be following the Phase 3 guidelines as outlined by the governor and our synod bishop.  The text that follows has been changed based on Church Council’s vote on October 26, 2020.  Reread it, please.

Please park in the back-parking lot as you will be entering through the rear doors of the Narthex.

The front doors of the Narthex will not be accessible for entry.

Use social distancing as you approach the building.

A designated member will greet you and will have the doors open for you to enter.

 Please do not greet other members with touch when you enter.

 You must wear a mask covering nose and mouth and sanitize your hands when entering the building. 

You will enter the sanctuary via the open doors and fill the sanctuary from the front to back.

Please sit where you find bulletins in the pews. 

If you need hearing devices, please get those before you are seated.

An offering basket will be located in the Narthex and you are asked to drop your envelope in that basket as you enter/exit.

Communion will be offered using pre-filled wafers and wine containers. Gluten-free wafers and grape juice will be available upon request.

Soft singing or chanting during service is now permitted, while masked.

When the service has finished, exit from the rear pews first using social distancing as you walk down the aisle.

Exit the same rear Narthex opened doors as you entered. 

 Again, please refrain from greeting others with touch.


Please do not attend the Service:

If you are unable or unwilling to wear a facemask covering nose and mouth while in church.

If you are at high risk or vulnerable.

If you may have been exposed to Covid-19, even if asymptomatic.

If you are not feeling well or have any respiratory issues.

Please cancel your registration if unable to attend – reply to confirmation email for help.

Submission of this registration confirms that you understand and agree to these precautions, and accept any risks associated with attending, and that you will share these regulations with anyone you are registering for.  Thank you for your cooperation.