For I Was Hungry Fund

Saint Peter Lutheran Church


In Matthew 25, Jesus tells His disciples a parable in which He emphasizes that when we feed the hungry, we are united as one with Jesus in His mercy and love for those in need. Jesus tells this tory during a time of great hunger in the land.

Likewise, we expect the number of our neighbors who will be hungry, ill, or otherwise in need will grow the longer we are dealing with the pandemic and resulting unemployment. The Feeding America program, one of our largest charitable food organizations, estimated this week that an ADDITIONAL 17.1 million Americans will fall into situations where they do not have enough food, seventeen million more than are considered among the hungry today.

We believe Saint Peter is uniquely positioned to help other members of Saint Peter as well as people in the community at large. We have established the For I Was Hungry Fund whereby we as a congregation can hopefully provide meaningful assistance to those who are hungry and in need of more. We want to challenge you to make a contribution to meet our goal of $30,000 for this Fund.

We have reached out to four local organizations with which we already have partnerships and relationships: the SOIICF Food Pantry, Matthew’s Ministry, Hope Harbor, and the New Hope Clinic. They tell us the needs are great and are growing. Money we can raise can go toward more food at the Pantry, more food items in the backpacks of students whose main source of food was the school district, protection of women who have left abusive situations, situations that have been exacerbated by the loss of jobs, income and health insurance. They money can also go to support the efforts of New Hope Clinic as they try to fulfill the need for Telemedicine since the Clinic cannot safely serve them all in person but can do much remotely.

Support of some of our own and support of these organizations brings our faith to life and provides light in these darkest of times. Some of us will think about donating all or part of any stimulus money that may come our way. Others will want to give what they feel they can. A check made out to Saint Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church with a notation for the “For I Was Hungry Fund” will do the trick. Or you can save a stamp and make an online donation at Give Plus on the Saint Peter website. Let us be one with Christ as we feed and care for our neighbors!

Thank you. Pastor Nick; Robin Johnson, President; Church Council members; Covid-19 Task Force members.