For those of you not familiar with the “For I Was Hungry Fund,” it is a Fund created by the Saint Peter Task Force in early April 2020. The intent of the Fund was to help and relieve Brunswick County individuals, families, and organizations of problems caused by COVID-19.
WOW! Within a very short time in 2020, almost $30,000 in donations poured into the Fund. This was an incredible response from the caring members of Saint Peter.

In the months that followed in 2020, distributions from the “For I Was Hungry Fund” were made to Hope Harbor Home, Matthews Ministry, New Hope Clinic, Streetreach, Dosher Medical, Brunswick Family Assistance, Providence Home, and other Brunswick County organizations, individuals, and families. In July 2020, the administration of the Fund was turned over to the Saint Peter Outreach Committee. Currently, the balance in the Fund approximates $4,000, after distributing almost $26,000 to help our Brunswick County neighbors.

COVID-19 and its destruction to individuals, families, and organizations have not stopped and will likely continue for many months to come. Consequently, we are, once again, asking members of Saint Peter to search their hearts, step forward, and contribute to the “For I Was Hungry Fund.” Our 2021 target is $20,000. If you know of a person, family, or organization that is especially negatively impacted by this pandemic, please provide that information to the Outreach Committee.
As we begin the Lenten season, we are reminded that God has called us, who have so much, to help those who have so little. Jesus challenges us to love others “As I have Loved You.”
Please prayerfully consider contributing to the “For I Was Hungry Fund.” Your contribution matters and will make a difference.

Questions: Please contact the Pastors, Julie Brekke, or Lynette Rickard.