About Online Giving

At Saint Peter, we’re passionate about our projects and success stories. From the Giving Garden to our food pantry contributions and awesome coat drives, we love being a church that makes a difference. Automatic gifts enable Saint Peter to anticipate regular, periodic offerings and better manage our cash to meet mission commitments while still responsibly operating and maintaining our church inside and out.

There are three ways to give at Saint Peter: with your envelopes in the offering plate at church, using Vanco Online Giving (formerly GivePlus), and scheduling automatic withdrawals, known as Simply Giving.

With Simply Giving, you can complete a form to set up automatic gifts to the church from your bank account. Funds are transferred to the church each month on the day(s) you select. We track and report on your electronic gifts in the same way we report on gifts of cash and checks using your envelopes. All gifts are tracked in our finance software and you receive a single report at the end of the year.

Vanco Online Giving has evolved into a method for not just ad-hoc giving, but also as an online means to schedule and update your monthly offerings and donations to specific funds without having to fill out a form. Most of our charitable causes are represented with individual tiles on the Vanco Giving Page, but if you do not see the desired fund listed, please send an email to the Finance Secretary to ask how you can give to the fund of your choice electronically.

We use Vanco confidently, as a reputable donation management company with which we’ve created a great relationship. We especially appreciate that when you give using a Vanco service, you automatically receive a confirmation email with the date and amount of your offering. And now you can download the Vanco app onto your phone for ease of use when updating your payment methods, managing your gifts, and giving special offerings as opportunities arise.

Whether you access the Vanco Giving Page online or via the app, you can select multiple gifts and add them to your Shopping Cart. When you check out, you will be prompted to pay with either a credit or debit card, or through your checking account. For credit card gifts, there is an automatic transaction fee added to your total. You can click to remove the fee, but every penny you give ensures your intended donation goes to the causes that mean the most.

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