Publication Requests

To request publication of your event to any format, from the church newsletter to a newspaper or a Facebook post, please complete the Publication Request Form.

It’s important to let the office staff know as early as possible about your event. It may require a 30-day lead time to get a story put together and published in a newspaper. But by working together, we can help you get the word out in all the different ways that people find out about us:


    • Newsletter

    • Website

    • Social Media

    • Local Newspapers

    • Chamber of Commerce events

    • FOCUS TV Event Calendar

What do we need on the form? The date and time of your event, the contact person, and where you want us to send your information. Also, we need you to provide some information about what is happening. If you have a flyer, please share that too.

Questions about the Publications Request Form, or do you just need help putting your information together? You can submit a contact form, or get in touch with the office by calling or emailing us at