Teach Me Your Ways

A psalm that is not merely beautiful, but elaborate.

Looking at Psalm 119:33-40, you can’t help but notice that the words are beautiful and poetic. They are faith-filled and faith-giving. They are law and gospel. I invite you to go to your Bible and look up Psalm 119 and see what you find.

My study Bible says Psalm 119 is an “elaborate acrostic wisdom psalm.” What does “acrostic” mean? Google Dictionary says it is, “a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line for a word or words.”

Within this Psalm there are 22 eight-line stanzas which start with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Each following eight stanzas take the next letter, etc. Hence, Psalm 119 is an elaborate acrostic wisdom psalm formed upon the Hebrew alphabet.

This is a psalm about God’s law. It is a psalm about finding, teaching, and following God’s law in in doing so finding life.

We are people of God’s law, because we are people of law and gospel. In our Triune God we find our rest, and our salvation. We find life. Go to your Bible and read your version of Psalm 119 and hear the call of our Lord.

May our work for the Lord be strong! -Pastor Wade


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