Elders Rising

Learning about elderhood.

I was so excited about “Elders Rising: The Promise and Peril of Aging” by Roland Martinson that I started recommending it to everyone. In the book, Martinson constructively and proactively outlines what it is to grow older in this day and age. This understanding is good for all of us individually, and also as a church. It’s good for us as a community; in particular because there are many retirees around us who need our support.

A study group seemed inevitable, and sure enough we decided to investigate Elders Rising in more detail during Lent 2024 with our Shepherd Group, the folks who minister to our members of all ages. It was a great study, and we all learned so much from our conversations and observations.

For those who missed the study sessions, or if you’re not part of our membership but are interested in launching your own Elders Rising study group, here are the documents I used for each session. They revolve around key questions we can ask ourselves as we minister to the elders among us:

If you have questions about the files or the study, please feel free to contact me!

Sincerely, Pastor Wade


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