Online Giving Programs

What online giving programs do we have?

SPLC has two online giving programs to serve those who embrace the idea of “first fruit giving,” or if you just enjoy the convenience. Both of these programs are administered by VANCO, a well-established and trusted online donation platform using a secure network.

The Give Plus program is for one-time giving. Again, this is useful if you’re traveling, or if you’re finalizing your end-of-year giving total and would like to make a catch-up donation. (Note: VANCO cannot process a transaction that occurs on December 31st before the end of the year. To be sure you receive a tax credit for the current year, your transaction should occur at least two business days prior to the 31st.)

When you use Give Plus, you can schedule a one time or monthly donation to a particular fund, such as the General Fund for your regular tithe. The General Fund supports the church and its various expenses and ministries. You can also schedule a one-time or monthly donation to a specific fund, such as the Moretz Scholarship, SOIICF Food Pantry, Giving Garden, etc. If you don’t see your desired fund listed on the Give Plus page, contact us to request it. Otherwise, you can use an envelope and indicate the program you wish to give you on the envelope as well as the memo line of your check.

The Simply Giving program offers the convenience of meeting your Good Faith Intention of Support via scheduled electronic fund transfers. You can schedule your donations in advance, which makes it possible to continue supporting the church when you’re traveling; not just for the running of the church, but for our many charitable and fellowship projects. The church benefits by increased financial stability through predictable contributions. There is improved confidence in meeting financial obligations and goals.

How does Simply Giving work? Once you request an account, it’s set up and a debit is taken from your checking account on either the 1st or the 15th of each month according to your designation. If you need to make a change to your account, you can contact the Financial Secretary at any time and your request will be processed as quickly as possible.

Even if you use Simply Giving, you can use giving envelopes for special offerings or floral requests. You can also use blank or guest envelopes in the pew; we just ask that you write your name and assigned envelope number if you happen to know it on the envelope so we can record your gift properly.

How do I sign up? Complete the Simply Giving authorization form and put it in the Financial Drop Box next to the Finance office in the Fellowship Hall, or email it to the church administrator. They will enter your information and the electronic giving will begin on the date you specified on the authorization form. If for some reason the deduction is not made, you will be notified and the reason explained.


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