Lending a hand...and a needle.

A memory by Lois Beddard

In October 2006 we ladies decided we wanted to knit or crochet items for others. I set up the time and place, with different women contributing. Lis Villadsen and Irene Hennessey were stalwarts, coming back month after month with completed work. 

Our goal was to create lap robes (we called them lapghans) for people in nursing homes. Over the years, we delivered a total of 296 lap robes to such places as the VA nursing home in Fayetteville, Universal Health, Carillon Nursing, Providence Home, the Hospice Center, and a women’s abuse shelter.

This is half of one group of lapghans that were made in 2004. We laid them out in church and Pastor Tursi blessed them before they were delivered.

We also made scarves in the winter that went to Special Olympics, people affected by Hurricane Sandy, StreetReach for the homeless, BFA seniors, and the SOIIF Food Pantry. In total we counted up 189 scarves and 44 caps delivered to those in need.

In the last few months of our activities, we welcomed Rita Villano and Carol Nord, and they offered up their needles effectively.

We closed our efforts in 2020 due to Covid and decided we did good.


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