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A letter of thanks.

An appreciation letter for the contribution from our endowment funds:

Happy New Year Pastor Jason, Taylor, and the leadership committee and congregation of Saint Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church, I hope this finds you all healthy and well.

Here I wanted to share with you the good news that our Unite Scholar Hawa Hamimu — who is being supported in part by a grant from your Saint Peter Missions Endowment Committee — has now successfully completed her first semester of her Form 6 academic year at the Ruvu Secondary School in Tanzania where she is studying Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. (She will complete her A Levels in May/June.) Hawa continues to perform well, and we are very proud of her. Hawa returned to boarding school yesterday to start her second and last semester.

As a reminder, Hawa, 21, lives in a single rented room with seven other people (her single mother, grandparents, and siblings) in the extremely congested marketplace called Kariokoo in Dar es Salaam. She helps her mother sell cooked bites in the market and on the streets. It is a very dangerous setting, especially for women and girls, and she is often tormented by lecherous men. Her family is extremely poor and often go without the basics (regular meals, shoes, personal hygiene and sanitation). As you can imagine, Hawa would never have been able to continue with her education without Unite’s support. Thank you so much for helping to make a positive, educated, prosperous future possible for this lovely and deserving young woman. Recently, to further support Hawa and her family over the holiday seasons, Unite gave them (and all our scholars and teammates and partners) the gifts of maize, rice, and beans from our Unite Food Program.

Hawa writes: “Firstly I would like to thank Our Almighty God for his protection and blessings. Secondly I would like to thank Unite and my sponsors so much for your love and support to us scholars. May God bless you more. You will be forever in my heart.”

Thank you again for sponsoring Hawa’s education and comprehensive care and support through Unite. We all are so deeply grateful. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime with any questions or thoughts about Hawa, our Unite Scholars Program, or anything else. I have also attached an overview of what a Unite Annual Comprehensive Sponsorship includes for your reference.

Yours in service,

Anne Wells
Founder & Executive Director
Unite the World With Africa Foundation

Our Vision: A world in which people unite in service, crossing borders seen and unseen, so that every human may live with health, hope, opportunity, and dignity.


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